6 Tricks to a Happy IT Life

Happy IT

IT work is hard. Being happy isn’t complicated, but it is hard, too. IT people oftentimes carry the stigma of being grumpy. I can be a stereotype, but sometimes that label is earned. And I get it. Technology work is challenging. If everything works, it’s thankless. If something breaks, end-users can gripe and wonder if you do anything […]

Becoming VCP – Part 4: 4 takeaway lessons

VMware VCP - Stanly.edu Certification Takeaway

I’ve completed about 2/3 of the Stanly.edu class, so it’s time for an update on my progress. Here are 4 takeaway lessons from my VCP certification program. Hello, and thanks for joining me on this (unorthodox) VMware certification journey! I’m trying to get the vCenter Professional Certification for as little money and as creatively as […]