What this site is about

In a word: you

You are the reason for this blog. I write and share here so you can get a leg up in your IT career- so you can navigate the waters of the Tech Industry and become a Systems, Help Desk, or Network Administrator, then to advance your career from there.

To do that, I write articles from my experience and questions that inspire and intrigue me from others. I figure if I or someone else had a question, a lot of people will.

What I am about

My name is David and I have a strong love for people and an uncommon love for technology. I look for ways every day to help people make technology do their bidding! This blog is my channel for helping others in their IT careers.

(I had a really cliché blurb here, but it was dumb. Instead:)

I listen.

My experience includes Windows and Apple, VMware, Microsoft servers, CommVault, Symantec, workstations, and networks. I’ve built and deployed several networks of 5 to over 100 users. I’ve worked on both sides of the computer. I can handle front and back end support, and have managed successful teams.

For about 8 years, I ran and owned a small furniture assembly business and learned a lot of lessons on how vitally important sales and marketing are. I spent a few years managing in a call center environment, and learned loads about helping people reach their goals. Recently, I returned to my first love: technology.

I want to guide other technologists in getting certifications, improving soft skills, and getting better jobs.

Let’s prove the memes wrong. IT people can be awesome.

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