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Here’s a great question that Russel asked me about entry-level IT jobs.

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What are good entry level IT jobs and what training is needed?

I am an older worker, who wants to re-career.  I have a MS in Computer Education, very technical minded.  I am not interested in programming only occupations. I am considering additional education, but would like advice on what are good entry level IT jobs and their requirements.

Hello, Russell- thanks for asking! I’m glad to answer.

There are many entry-level IT jobs paying $12 per hour- but just like me, you can’t take a pay cut. That’s understandable.

My first IT gig was contract work at $45 per hour- with very little experience. 2 gigs later it was $75 per hour. Then I quit my day job and started in IT at $50k. You can, too.

You are basically going to need to discover what skills you bring over from previous work that is applicable to IT. A lot carries over, by the way.

If you want to work on the Support/Infrastructure side, jobs to consider are

  • Help Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • Network Administration
  • Server Administration

The thing is- you can’t just go to school and <SHAZAM> you’re a SysAdmin. Experience is key. You have to get some.

There are a number of ways to get it, volunteering, a home lab, etc. But you don’t really need a degree for IT and it doesn’t get you much of an edge over others- especially if they have experience.

Here are 3 articles I’ve written that I think will help you:

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6 useful IT experience hacks anyone can use

As far as requirements- there are some technical competency requirements, but oddly enough (or maybe not), the interviewer’s top questions will be:

  1. Do I like this person?
  2. Do I trust this person?
  3. Does this person fit on the team?

If you can make all of those answers, “Yes!”, your odds of them taking a chance on you and letting you learn more on the job are much, much better.

The thing is- you can’t just go to school and <SHAZAM> you’re a SysAdmin. Experience is key. You have to get some.

Technical stuff, you can look at A+, Network+, etc. You should look at Microsoft’s Born to Learn  site and Certification Roadmap.

FYI, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) is not really a thing anymore. It was a designation that Microsoft gave you if you passed at least one of their exams. It’s not a standalone certification like MCSA or MCSE.

Come check out my blog if you want to know more – CareerLevelUp.com – IT Career Advice and Encouragement.

Reach out to me if you have questions. I know you have what it takes.


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