Too Late?

Is there still time to break into IT?

They say* that the best time to get into IT was in 1999. The world wide web was exploding, and people were needed like crazy to enter the rapidly growing IT industry.

Well, it’s 2017. You missed that.

The second best time to get into IT is right now.

As long as you’re still sucking wind, you can get into IT. There’s still time.

You have something to offer

I don’t care if you’re 22, 32, or 52. If you can improve someone’s IT experience by bringing some of your unique talents to the table, you can still get in this game.

Does being a little older make it harder? Maybe. But being more seasoned can be a strength, if you know yourself, position yourself well, and run a creative job search.

How do you start?

  1. Explore IT jobs
  2. Start learning
  3. Go find a job while you start learning.

Yes, it’s really as simple as that. It’s not complicated.

I didn’t say it was easy. It’s not easy to break into IT. You and I both know, however, that things that are good are seldom easy, and easy things are seldom good.

Stop waiting.

But seriously. Stop sitting on your hands. Stop waiting. Time is moving.

I’m not trying to sound like the Everest guy, but come on.

everest guy time

(Everest is garbage, by the way. 100% avoid them)

Dumb luck is not a career strategy. An IT career (a good one, anyway) is only going to happen if you take deliberate action.

I am close to finishing my eBook, How to break into IT. Search this site for information on how to get started, or just comment if you have a question. I respond to all of them.

*Maybe They don’t say, but I say. I graduated high school in 1999 and have regretted not getting into IT right after school.



  • kuldeep Singh Reply

    i am BCA passout of 2011. i have only 1 year of experience as a desktop support engineer from 2017 to 2018. Now i want to be Windows server admin. Is this possible?

    • wowitsdave Reply

      Yes! Quality Engineers are always in demand. Your best bet is to work in a small to mid-size company so you can make the move internally. It would be a hard sell (not impossible, just hard) to try to go straight into a Server Admin role.

  • Taehwan Reply

    I didn’t like Everest too. Weirdly sounds convincing to me.

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