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Becoming VCP: The Unauthorized VMware Cert Guide

Ok- I’ve been working in VMware’s vSphere product for almost 2 years. It’s high time I get VCP certified.

This is the beginning of a multi-part series where I will chronicle my path- and the pitfalls- of getting VCP6-DCV. I’m doing this to pave the way for you. I can’t find a comprehensive guide that’s not written by someone selling training or VMware itself, so here it is.

Why are you doing this?

Why VMware, you ask? Great question. If you’ve been living under a rock (or working at Best Buy), you may not know that VMware is a big player in the computer virtualization market. Computer virtualization, simply put, is running multiple logical computers inside a physical computer.

Most physical servers are running at about 15% of their computing capacity, which as it turns out, it a terrible waste of power, space, money, and a litany of other things. Virtualization helps cram a bunch of computers (called “guests”) into that physical machine (known as “the host”) to better utilize, well, everything.

Virtually (ha! no pun intended) every enterprise as well as many SMBs are running come kind of hypervisor (virtualization software), so there is a need for IT folks who can install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot these systems. Getting VMware vCenter Professional (VCP) certified shows potential employers (and let’s face it, THE WORLD) that you know a thing or 3 about vSphere. I like this.

So we are clear, this guide is unauthorized because I did not ask VMware for authorization. Make no mistake- the only way I get certifications is the legit way. I do not, in any way, shape or form, recommend or condone cheating of any kind. I won’t be using braindumps, buying test questions, or any other such nonsense, because I want the knowledge and satisfaction provided by the process. When you cheat you do a number of things, none of them good:

Cheating dilutes the certification

I’m not naive. I realize that people cheat on these things. Them cheating, however, hurts everyone in business and especially those who get the cert legitimately. You basically end up with a person who is winging it to some degree, and when they get found out (trust me, they get found out), doubt is cast on everyone who has the cert.

Cheating trashes your integrity

Telling the truth is defined as conforming your words to reality. Integrity is the opposite- it’s conforming reality to your words. If you cheat on your certification, you are flouting the Terms of Service for the exam, which is wrong. Also, if you get caught, you will be banned FOR LIFE from VMware certifications and the Person/Vue testing centers.

Cheating robs you of the learning

This is the biggest one. When you cheat, by definition, you are not learning. The learning process requires that you admit that you don’t know something, then start figuring that something out until you know it. It would be a great waste if you go through all the trouble to certify, but then don’t take away the knowledge that the process will give you.

The Plan

In subsequent blog posts, I will detail my plan of attack, give you the play-by-play, give you my impressions of the products and services I’ll encounter, and let you know about any gotchas or other things to watch out for.

My rough plan for the certification is this:

  1. Take the VMware IT Academy class offered by Stanly.edu for VCP 5.5
  2. Sit for the VCP 5.5 test in December (it’s looking like the 23rd)
  3. Take either VCP6 Fast Track: Optimize and Scale or What’s New [V5.5 to V6]
  4. Sit for the VCP 6 test (probably in February or March)

Wait-  what?

You may be wondering why I’m taking 5.5 before 6. Why not take the latest, you might ask. I am running 5.5 in production now, but you’re right- I would normally only study the latest. The reason is purely financial. I’ll detail that in my next post.

I’m looking forward to showing you the way! Please stay tuned to keep up to date. That reminds me- subscribe to my email newsletter so you can get updated on my progress as it happens. You can do that either at the top of your screen on in the right sidebar.

As always, thank you for reading. I’m thrilled to have you along for this journey. I love to help! Please reach out and contact on Linkedin or Twitter if you have any questions.


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