6 Weird Things IT Guys (and Gals) Celebrate 

If you’re like most IT people, you know that most of our peers in the business are- how do I say this- a little off-beat. Let’s celebrate some of the weird stuff that gets technology workers happy.

You have a day without a malware outbreak or hardware failure

Nothing went wrong. It’s a beautiful feeling, but this particular thing doesn’t happen that often- I suppose that’s why we’re employed. Having a day where nothing blows up is still very nice. Back to YouTube! (I’m kidding). It’s definitely a cause to celebrate when a drive doesn’t give up the ghost or a user don’t open a malicious .PDF from “ADP.”

A user rebooted their PC without prompting

This one’s pretty big. When a user reboots on their own and fixes something, it give you a moment of validation. The user has officially crossed over into the “savvy” category, which is nice. It is a two-edged sword, whoever, because this means they will either rely on you less or they will start to think they know it all. Still, it feels good.

A problem just goes away

Every one of us has had a problem like this. A problem- sometimes a large one- crops up, and despite your best efforts, you can’t fix it. Then, as if by magic, it goes away on its own. This can be nice if it never happens again, because in all likelihood, someone has goofed and fixed it without saying anything. That said, when it recurs, it can make you look foolish when you have to explain it. Let’s hope that bug stays gone.

Getting a ticket in a remote building where there’s cake

Birthdays. Retirements. Promotions. Product Launch. It’s Tuesday. Your users can be very creative when it comes to reasons ton bring in cake and other confectionery concoctions, and that’s all the better for you. It’s rather serendipitous when the secretary from that far-flung building calls you and says there’s a toner that needs changing in that same building. Sometimes you have an insider who tips you off. In any case, hurray for you.

Users call us Geniuses or Gurus

Ego stroking is nice. There are moments when you save the day as a bona fide hero. Good for you. It’s your moment, you’re allowed to bask in it.

I’m actually going to teach you something here. I want you to learn to take a compliment. Instead of denying it, which invalidates the compliment and the person giving it, I want you to get used to just saying “Thank you.” and smiling. Denying their compliment is not humility or being modest, it just says that you don’t believe them or think you don’t deserve it. If they’re saying it, it’s true. Compliment them back by giving a simple smile and thanks.

Getting Domain Admin privileges

Having your Active Directory privileges elevated to Domain Administrator means that you have been given access to basically everything in a company. Receiving the keys to the kingdom can be a strong validation of a company’s trust in you or a sign of their desperation (as has happened to me). It’s a great responsibility and it feels both awesome and scary. Make sure you are doubly careful when you click so you don’t bring the house down. Good for you- they believe in you!

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